The goal of this branding project for OSS Physio is to establish an impression of a reliable and serious place where clients can confidently expect their health concerns to be addressed. OSS Physio aspires to create a visual identity that communicates professionalism, attracting new clients and instilling confidence in choosing OSS Physio for their healthcare needs.
Key Design Elements
Rectangular Shapes
Rectangular shapes are strategically used to convey a sense of seriousness, professionalism, and practicality. The brand name is encapsulated within rectangles, reinforcing the impression of a trustworthy and reliable entity.
Muscle Imagery
The representation of human muscle anatomy serves as a shared association for massage and physical therapy. This imagery helps visually connect the brand with its services, providing a clear and relatable visual cue for potential clients.
Colour Palette
The choice of light and dark blue hues is intentional, symbolising high quality, competence, trust, and integrity – key attributes aligning with the brand's objectives. This color scheme is not only an industry standard but also resonates with the desired image of the brand.
Secondary Logo
The secondary logo serves as an adaptable alternative for situations where the primary logo may not be suitable or when a different spatial arrangement is required. It maintains the rectangular framing and incorporates the same muscle imagery, ensuring consistency in brand representation.
Designed to be versatile, the secondary logo is suitable for various backgrounds and printing applications.
The application of the golden ratio in the secondary logo enhances visual appeal and ensures proportions that are most pleasing to the observer.
This branding project for OSS Physio focuses on creating a cohesive visual identity that communicates professionalism, competence, and trust. The use of rectangles, muscle imagery, and a carefully chosen color palette contribute to an overall brand image that aligns with the clinic's goal of providing high-quality physiotherapy services.
In addition to establishing a strong visual identity through traditional branding elements, OSS Physio's online presence is carefully curated through purposeful and engaging social media visuals. The objective is to extend the brand's professionalism and reliability into the digital space, reaching and resonating with a wider audience.
The visuals are strategically designed to encourage audience engagement. Thoughtful captions, calls-to-action, and interactive elements prompt followers to share their experiences, ask questions, and participate in online discussions.
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